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A Complete Guide


A deep dive into all the amazing features of the Ableton Push 3 controller. This course teaches you everything from the basics to advanced features.

Engaging Exercises


 Each chapter includes hands-on exercises to reinforce your learning and help you develop your own style.


Creative Workflows


 Discover the easiest and most enjoyable ways to make music on the Ableton Push 3; learn new innovative workflow ideas to help you master the push and develop your ideas into finished tracks.


Introduction to Ableton Push 3

Overview of the Ableton Push 3 controller and its features Setting up the controller and connecting it to Ableton Live Stand-alone set-up and transfer modes.


Navigation and Basic Controls

Navigating the Ableton Live interface using the Push 3 Basic controls, such as playing, stopping, and recording. Understanding the different modes of Push 3 (Session, Note, Drum, and User modes).


Session View 

Understanding the Session View in Ableton Live.
Triggering clips and scenes using the Push 3.
Duplicating and moving clips.
Controlling the volume, pan, and other parameters of clips using the Push 3.


Note Mode

Introduction to Note Mode on the Push 3. Playing and recording MIDI notes using the Push. Using the different scales and modes available in Note Mode, Setting up MPE pads. Using and understanding MPE pads.


Drum Mode

Introduction to Drum Mode on Push 3. Playing and recording drum beats using the Push 3. Editing and manipulating drum patterns using the Push 3 Using MPE drums.


Recording and Looping Audio

Audio set up for recording. How to record. Manipulating and editing audio loops using the Push Using warp and auto warp. Converting audio to Simpler.


Audio Effects and Control on the Push 3

Introduction to audio effects and how to load. Using the Push to control and manipulate audio effects. Applying and manipulating audio effects to tracks using the Push 3. Incorporating audio effects


Using External Midi Controllers and Synthesizers

How to set up the push with an external MIDI controller Practical uses for external MIDI controllers. How to set up the push with external MIDI instruments. Incorporating external synthesizers with the PUSH 3 sending and receiving midi and recording audio


Audio to CV ‚Äď Modular Synth Integration

Setting up Ableton Lives audio CV capabilities. Getting to know CV tools. Controlling Modular set-up with the PUSH MPE Modular set-up.


Creative Workflows

Such as  - Creating a template, Beat Maker, Live Looper, Techno Improv, Bob the Builder, Live hardware performer, and many more...

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About Craig


Craig has been an Ableton Live tech for artists such as Melanie C, Years & Years, Salute, and Zemfria, to name a few. He also works as a playback tech on two primetime FOX TV shows, 'Name That Tune' and 'Don't Forget the Lyrics.

Alongside this, Craig is a university lecturer teaching at some of the UK's most popular music institutions. Over the years, he has created course content for thousands of students. (BIMM, ICMP, ACM, NHAM, Waterbear).

With this experience, he has curated the perfect balance of essential basics to get you up and running quickly without confusing you with unnecessary information. Get ready to start making music in no time!

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Steven Weston

Live Electronic Music Artist. Grammy-nominated Engineer.
@anjunadeep | @lnoe_label | @blank.dust
Music Director |

I've been using the Ableton Push 2 for many years, and I feel I had mastered many of its features. When I got the Push 3, I took this course to get the most out of all the new features on the Push 3.

The course is well-organized and easy to follow. Craig explains everything clearly and concisely. Even though I had a lot of experience with the Push 2, I learned a lot from the course. I really liked learning about the new features of the Push 3, like MPE and connecting synths.

I highly recommend taking this course. Thanks!

Lawrence Biancardi

Mastering Engineer & Producer

I recently picked up the Push 3 after enjoying using the Push 2 for four years. Even though I had used the Push 2 for years, I still hadn't learned many features from it. I thought I'd pick up the Push 3 course to get the most out of the new purchase. Time is often limited, so sitting down with actual content was super useful.  There is some limited free content online, but none was as helpful and straightforward as this. Craig is a very good instructor and makes learning straightforward.  I'd recommend picking it up to get the most out of your Push 3 purchase.

Rob Charles

Producer & DJ

I've been a Logic Pro user for the past 15 years and struggled to get my head around Ableton's workflows. I found Craig online through the brilliant 'Push Patterns' instagram page, which I have followed for a while. I reached out to Craig, who was very approachable, and we booked some 1-2-1 lessons over Zoom. This setup suits me better, and I learned so much, which I am now putting into practice when creating tracks in Ableton. Craig is very patient and thorough with his explanations - a true professional. Thanks again for all your help!

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